Christ On Disk

Probably the smallest complete Holy Bible program in the world.

The complete King James Version (KJV) of the English Holy Bible from Genesis to Revelation in a 1.29Mb portable program. Runs on Windows (Windows 95 or later) operating systems. No installation necessary. The download is a ZIP archive file containing the program. Simply unzip the archive and run the executable program.

Note: Some over zealous anti-virus programs flag the program due to compression methods used to make the program so small, so either verify your download via the hashes provided or run in a sand-box environment to resolve this.

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Christ on Disk is a mere 1.29Mb in size, and fits comfortably on to a 3.5" floppy disk. For comparison, the plain text of the complete Bible is 4.4Mb, yet Christ on Disk contains all this plus a viewing program in a tiny package!


Christ on Disk contains all 66 books of the Old and New Testaments in the English KJV Holy Bible, from Genesis to Revelation. That's well over 1000 chapters, and in excess of 30,000 verses!


Christ on Disk is a stand alone application. It does not need to be installed. It does not have a setup procedure. It requires no configuration or additional plugins. Simply run the program to use it!


Cost: Free

Christ on Disk is provided to you free and without cost. If you wish to share this program with others you may do so. Christ on Disk is not to be sold. Any costs must be met by the distributor such that it is without any cost to the recipient.

Platform: Windows

Christ on Disk has been tested to run on Windows operating systems from Windows 95 onwards. Although the verse text has been verified identical to the KJV text sourced in the Gutenberg library, this application is, of legal necessity, provided without warranty.

Download: Verification

The hashes of the ZIP archive file available for download are as follows:
Hashes for file:
MD5 19f5693fb7ecab0d97a4893896070f86
SHA1 0cdc92a851ddaea9afdbd0d4a750d4ddc77d3e3b
SHA512 a026da46243325dd61b78ccdb18162ec8bf91dd36ced52d21aaa748cd546f2a77ae48d9544f8cd966dabef9143d11134f9e46818f6fabc8a8b77622c4845a714
To ensure your download was not corrupted in transit, run any hash producing program against your download and confirm the output hash is identical to that given above for the particular algorithm you use (MD5, SHA1, or SHA512).



Screen shot of Christ On Disk in use.

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On starting the program the README is displayed. 1) First select the Bible Book name from the drop-down menu. The Chapter numbers will update for the chosen book. 2) Select the Chapter number from the drop-down menu. 3) Click on "GO" to display the selected Bible chapter for reading. The text can be selected and copied for pasting quotes, etc. There is no search feature (adding it and keeping the program size down vastly increases the complexity. If you're interested you'd be looking at something like optimised Burrows-Wheeler searches through compressed strings, and using Dynamic Markov compression from what I recall).


Self taught C++ coded using the Wx framework, with proprietary compression methods. Further compressed for distribution using UPX packer. Originally hand crafted in London, England after the turn of the Millennium, August 2002. Site registered as

© Christ on Disk 2002 - Present.

Made in England. [London flag]